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Welcome to Stumpknockers, The Casual, Quaint Restaurant on the Square in Historic Downtown Inverness with a Southern Touch for your Enjoyment where Each Meal is Prepared to Order.

Experience the Difference

We’re not a Chain Restaurant, we’re Stumpknockers! Stumpknockers Restaurants have been in business for over 20 years. Over the years, local ... read more >

More than just pouring drinks

Elliot Rothstein keeps drinks, conversation flowing

Most anyone can tend bar, but not everyone who pours beer or mixes a drink is a bartender.

Number one: A bartender must genuinely like people. He or she needs to be able to start conversations with strangers and keep them going or know when to stay quiet.

Good bartenders are friendly, but not obnoxiously so, and always diplomatic. They keep up with current events, but keep their politics to themselves.

They know not to say, “How ’bout those Yankees?” to someone with a Boston accent, unless they know the person from Boston would appreciate a friendly poke along with a pint.

A good bartender has command over the bar and control over what goes on there.

It’s so much more than pouring drinks.

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What Our Customers Say

  • The food is delicious and there is no doubt that the food is not good because it's a great restaurant. I have been to this location in the Downtown square of the Historic Inverness. If you ever visit Inverness located in Citrus County, FL, go there because the food is just wonderful. I get house salads everytime I go there and it is just great.Maggie S.
  • We love this place. We try to visit at least once a month. love the Cajun stew, and Gator nuggets with honey mustard sauce. Food is generally good and plenty of it. The place is quiet and comfortable just like we like it. The grand kids can't wait to come back. Try it.Lew
  • Johnny D says gotta go!! Looking to eat where the locals hang? Nautical decor, pet friendly outdoor seating, great food, service and prices in a " downtown" atmosphere. Try a gator dinner prepared 3 diff ways, catfish, steaks, etc. Cant wait to return Johnny D
  • I drove two hours from Sarasota to eat at Stumpknockers on a Friday and it was worth every mile. The food was beyond incredible. I started out with the conch fritters with sauce. Wow. Excellent. Then I had the fried catfish dinner with fries, corn on the cob, and hush puppies. Wow. Fantastic. All the food was really fresh.Charles R.